Are you seeking sponsorship with an Australian employer? Or perhaps you have been offered a permanent position with an Australian company? There are different pathways of employer sponsorship including temporary and permanent.

There are a number of visa types that enable a suitably qualified individual to obtain temporary sponsorship with an organisation. The most commonly used visa category enables a foreign worker to be sponsored by an eligible employer and remain in Australia from three months up to four years.

There are also some permanent visa options available to foreign workers that enable them to be sponsored for a permanent residence visa. This pathway is utilised by Australian employers who have a need for a position to be filled and wish to provide the foreign worker with the opportunity to remain in Australia on a permanent basis.

For details relating to Australian job opportunities, please refer to our Employment section. If you wish to find out more about employer sponsorship, please contact us to discuss your options.


We are affiliated with a number of Australian organisations who seek individuals with the relevant skills and work experience. These Australian organisations are experiencing difficulties sourcing skilled labour in Australia and are therefore willing to sponsor the right candidate.

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