Skilled Visa

Do you have qualifications and work experience in a certain trade or profession? Are you thinking of moving to Australia and believe you have sufficient skills and English proficiency to potentially satisfy the criteria for a Skilled Visa?

If you have qualifications, work experience and under the age of 50 years, then this may be the visa category for you.
Please take five minutes to contact us.

Family Visa

If you have partner, parent, child or relative who holds Australian permanent residency or citizenship status, then they may be eligible to sponsor you. There are a number of categories under Family migration including the following:

Partner – including Spouse (de facto) and Prospective Marriage;
Child – including biological and adopted;
Parent – including Aged Parent; and
Other Family – including remaining relative, aged dependent and carer.
If you believe you fit into one of the above family categories, then please take five minutes to contact us.

Business Visa

Are you under 55 years of age, have a successful business career and assets? Do you aspire to own and operate your own business in Australia? If so, then this could be your pathway to Australian permanent residency. This visa category is quite popular with those individuals who have the necessary business skills, experience and assets to establish or purchase a business in Australia.

The Business category is a good alternative to those who don’t satisfy the requirements for the General Skilled category however have the necessary skills, experience and assets to operate a business in Australia. To find out if you’re eligible to apply for the Business category, please contact us.

Tourist Visa

Are you thinking of visiting some of Australia’s great sites or some family or friends living in Australia? Or perhaps wanting to relax on the beach and enjoy the great sites of Australia whilst undertaking some work along the way to help fund your adventure?

There are a number of temporary visa options that enables an individual to visit Australia with some allowing the visa holder to also work. To find out if you’re eligible to apply for a Visitor or Working Holiday visa, please contact us.

Student Visa

Are you thinking about studying in Australia? Why not you spend your weekdays in class, weekends on the beach and undertake some part-time work to help fund your lifestyle?

Australian institutions offer courses to all levels ranging from general English to post graduate research. If you want to obtain an Australian qualification and a potential pathway to gaining permanent residency then this category may be worth exploring. To find out if you’re eligible to apply for a Student visa, please contact us.