Our Services

Visa Applicant

HQ Migration Solutions manages your entire visa application process. Our service is customised to meet your needs and we pride ourselves in our strategic approach. We work with our clients to develop a migration solution that fits within the ever changing migration environment.

Our services include:

  • A free assessment of your circumstances to determine your eligibility to migrate;
  • Evaluation of your circumstances across the numerous visa categories to identify the most appropriate migration solution for you;
  • Develop a document checklist which clearly outlines the suite of documents required during your visa application process;
  • Guide and support you through obtaining the required skill assessment and to complete the relevant visa documentation;
  • Thoroughly assess your documentation to ensure they accurately meet the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) requirements;
  • Lodge your application with the relevant processing area of DIBP;
  • Regularly liaise with the allocated case officer to ensure all requests are promptly met within the allocated timeframes;
  • Liaise with additional stakeholders on your behalf including skill assessing authorities, employers, state governments, health departments, education providers and translators; and
  • Monitor the progress of your visa application and advise of any developments and decisions by the DIBP.


HQ Migration Solutions offer an array of services to assist Australian businesses in establishing or expanding their current migration program. We educate our clients about the various migration programs available to assist in meeting corporate initiatives with a focus on workforce planning.

Our services include:

Planning and Facilitation

  • Provide advice and recommend suitable migration strategies based on the corporate profile including size, type and industry;
  • Explore sponsorship options and provide direction on establishing an internal migration program to assist in meeting the company’s business needs and budgetary constraints that comply with Australian law and regulations; and
  • Advise and facilitate the sponsorship and transfer of foreign skilled workers for the company sponsor.

Compliance and Management

  • Educate and assist Australian businesses to manage compliance with business sponsorship obligations and DIBP monitoring process; and
  • Brief the relevant human resource personnel and managers on migration related issues, including compliance obligations.